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Bring Your Ideas To Life With Distinguished 3D

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Custom 3D Printing and Design Solutions

3D Printing for Small to Medium Batch Projects

3D Design Services for New Products or Replacement Parts

Wide Range of Filaments

Serving Calgary, Canada and Beyond

Applications for 3D Printing

3D printing has evolved. Explore what Distinguished 3D's expertise can do for you or your business.

VR controller adapter for htc vive focus 3

Industrial and Engineered

With our printers being able to print materials in excess of 300°C, industrial parts made of engineering filament are possible.

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Replacement Parts

When the original parts are no longer made or the replacement parts are too expensive, 3D printing can save you time and money.

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Small to Medium Batch Commercial Printing

When traditional plastic manufacturing such as injection molding is out of reach, 3D printing excels at filling that gap.

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Cosplay masks and accessories are no problem with our eye-catching high resolution prints. 

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With our large build volume printers, models of buildings and structures are both detailed and scalable. Whether it's a small project or a cityscape, we can make it happen.

3d scan of a vr controller

Reverse Engineering

Want to make something that already exists but don't have the digital model? 3D scanning and printing is the answer.


Amazing work! Carson is such a great person to work with. He took our very basic 2D drawing, made the 3D version for us, and printed our prototypes all within 2 days. The quality of the prints was far better than I even thought possible. I will be returning with future projects for sure.

Paul, Business Owner

The pieces arrived and are working properly – your product is great. My staff can tell that yours are more durable than the original ones supplied to us.

Wil, Managing Partner of Franchised Business

Such a great experience. I contacted him hoping he could help me by custom making clips to keep my home's window screens in place. I couldn't find replacements for sale anywhere. I was so impressed by the customer service, attention to detail, and drive to do a job well done. Thank you!

Sebastien, Satisfied Customer

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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  • Is Distinguished 3D able to handle small to medium batch commercial printing contracts?
    Yes! We have the equipment and expertise to reliably manufacture commercial-sized orders.
  • Does Distinguished 3D do custom design and prints?
    Of course! In fact, custom work is what really gets us excited here. Finding innovative solutions to problems is what we enjoy most.
  • Can Distinguished 3D print professional-level industrial-quality 3D prints?
    Yes we can. Our 3D printers are capable of printing industrial quality prints using their large build volumes. Our printers are known for making high-end prints that are used in industrial applications. We are able to print everything from PLA (standard filament) to TPU (flexible) to Nylon reinforced with carbon fiber.
  • What is 3D printing?
    3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing technology where objects are created by laying down successive layers of material until the entire object is created. It is a process that can be used to create various shapes and sizes of objects from plastics, metals, ceramics, and other materials. 3D printing has become increasingly popular in the manufacturing industry due to its speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness. Distinguished 3D specializes in 3D printing and industrial design services for a wide range of applications.
  • Why use 3D printing instead of other manufacturing methods?
    3D printing offers a wide range of advantages over traditional manufacturing methods. 3D printing is a cost-effective solution that can quickly create complex parts and prototypes. It also allows for the creation of custom parts that are not possible with other manufacturing methods. Additionally, 3D printing offers a high degree of precision and accuracy, and is often faster and easier than other manufacturing methods.
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