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Prop Keys With Hidden Compartment

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Prop Key With Hidden Compartment


June 2023


Calgary, Alberta

A client required prototyping a special prop key as part of their business. The key needed a hidden compartment inside the shaft that a written note could be held in. After testing the prototype, the client would use the 3D printed key and the digital 3D model to have them molded out of metal for their final use.

Requirements were that the head of the key be able to screw off and when screwed on, stop exactly in line with the teeth of the key so as to not make it obvious that the head is removable.

Within a few days, all ten requested keys were 3D modelled, printed and tested to ensure the internal and external threads on the 10mm diameter shaft worked as well as all other design requirements were met.

Finally, the third photo shows the final product, a metal version of the 3D printed key.

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