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VR Controller Adapter

Project type

VR Controller Adapter


August 2023



Where it all started. Distinguished 3D was founded as a result of identifying an opportunity to produce a higher-quality, lower-cost option to what was currently available on the market.

The opportunity existed with a virtual reality gaming company with 80+ franchises worldwide that uses an adapter that attaches a VR controller to a plastic gun used in their free-roam, multi-player VR games. The cost of the connector was significant despite it breaking often and needing replacement.

Distinguished 3D designed an alternative option employing an intelligent design with stronger material that led to a much higher quality product at a notably lower price.

The process involved 3D scanning a HTC Vive Focus 3 VR controller using our in-house Revopoint POP 3 scanner. This allowed us to use the scanned controller to begin designing the adapter in Fusion 360.

Once a prototype was created, we teamed up with one of the VR franchises to begin the testing phase. After a few iterations, the product was ready and released on the market. This testing phase allowed the purchasing businesses to be confident in the compatibility of the new product with their propriety equipment.

All of the adapters were 3D printed in-house which exemplified our small-batch production capabilities.

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